Table Show 2018

There are five classes as follows:

Class A: requires up to three plants, each from different groups, from the groups identified each month below.

Class B: requires one plant in bud, flower or fruit.

Class C: Beginners' class – one plant.

Class S: Smaller plant class – one plant.

Class Z: Exhibition class – one plant.

Entries in Classes A, B and C are limited to 6inch (15cm) maximum diameter pots.

Class S is limited to 3inch (7.5cm) pots.

Class Z has no pot size restrictions

Points are awarded each month. At the December meeting a trophy will be awarded for each class to the member gaining the highest year's total points in that class.

Members may make more than one entry per class in any month, in which case the score for the entry gaining the most points will be carried forward to the year's total.


No meeting

Wednesday 21 February

Cleistocactus subgroup; Astrophytum group;
Adromischus subgroup; Aloe group; Othonna group

Wednesday 21 March

Echinocactus group; Opuntia group; Espostoa subgroup;
Echeveria subgroup; Agave group; Pelargonium group

Wednesday 18 April

Pachycereus subgroup; Mammillaria group; Thelocactus group;
Aeonium subgroup; Crassula subgroup; Peperomia group

Wednesday 16 May

Rebutia group; Parodia group; Strombocactus group;
Sedum subgroup; Cristate succulent

Wednesday 20 June

Echinocereus group; Melocactus group;
Euphorbia group; Stapelia group (excluding Hoodia subgroup); Adenia group

Wednesday 18 July

Gymnocalycium group; Matucana group; Turbinicarpus group;
Hoodia subgroup; Anacampseros group

Wednesday 15 August

Echinopsis group; Rhipsalis group; Lophophora group;
Gasteria group; Didierea group

Wednesday 19 September

Stenocactus group; Pediocactus group;
Conophytum subgroup; Lithops subgroup;
Ceropegia group; Dorstenia group

Wednesday 17 October

Coryphantha group; Copiapoa group;
Mesembryanthemum group (excluding Conophytum and Lithops subgroups); Pachypodium group;
Kedrostis group

Wednesday 21 November

Ariocarpus group; Eriosyce group; Cristate/monstrose cactus;
Haworthia group; Sempervivum subgroup

Wednesday 19 December

No table show



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