Monthly Meetings

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month (unless indicated otherwise) and our programme is as follows. 

Please see our contact us page for more details about the venue and directions.

Venue: The Fellowship Room, Cyncoed Methodist Church, Westminster Crescent, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF23 6SE.

21-Feb-24 Echinocereus Julian Cooke Table show: Echinocactus group, Opuntia group, Espostoa subgroup, Echeveria subgroup, Agave group, Pelargonium group
20-Mar-24 Western Cape Hazel Taylor Table show: Pachycereus subgroup, Mammillaria group, Thelocactus group, Aeonium subgroup, Crassula subgroup, Peperomia group
18-Apr-24 Harri Lorenzi and the Plantarum Botanic Garden John Hughes Table show: Rebutia group, Parodia group, Strombocactus group, Sedum subgroup, Adromischus subgroup
15-May-24 The Asclepiadoideae – a talk about Stapeliads and related species Tom Radford Table show: Cleistocactus subgroup, Echinocereus group, Melocactus group, Euphorbia group, Stapelia group, Adenia group
19-Jun-24 TBA Derek Tribble Table show: Gymnocalycium group, Matucana group, Turbinicarpus group Anacampseros group, Aloe group
17-Jul-24 My affection for Agaves Bryan Doherty Table show: Astrophytum group, Echinopsis group, Rhipsalis group, Lophophora group, Gasteria group, Didierea group
15-Aug-24 Astrophytum – short talk with plants and 2016 show photos Bill Darbon Table show: Stenocactus group, Pediocactus group, Conophytum subgroup, Lithops subgroup, Ceropegia group, Dorstenia group
18-Sep-24 TBA Richard Booth Table show: Coryphantha group, Copiapoa group, Mesembryanthemum group (excluding Conophytum and Lithops subgroups), Pachypodium group, Kedrostis group
16-Oct-24 More adventures in Mexico Frank Sengpiel Table show: Ariocarpus group, Eriosyce group, Cristate / Monstrose cactus, Haworthia group, Sempervivum subgroup
20-Nov-24 AGM No table show